Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Small Shop Edition

Happy Holidays, tis’ the season for gift-giving and my wallet is already burning! I have always loved giving gifts, whether it be exactly what they were hoping for or maybe something new they can try, I always am on the hunt for a perfect something for that person. This year has been tough on us all and while larger companies are easy go-to’s, I always try to find unique items from local businesses and small shops. It’s so important to support our local communities, either online or in your hometown. I have put together a list of small shops and businesses, finding a favorite item from each in hopes that you may love what they offer as much as I do! If something catches your eye, just hover over the photo and click. You will be taken straight to that item or to their business website. Thank you so much for following along and happy shopping!

@shopsunshineseekers on Instagram! These may be for the holidays, but they have many more designs to offer.

@thecommonroomshop on Instagram. Harry Potter fans, are you screaming yet? Because SAME.

@magiclaymade on Instagram. I love that these are so versatile and easy, brings a little bit of Disney magic to any outfit!

@eastcoasttradingco on Instagram. Honestly some of the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life!! 10000% recommend.

@madetothrill on Instagram. If you love high quality items and theme parks, this is for you!

@americandanceparty on Instagram. Extra crispy styles CONSTANTLY. Half of my closet is from them, check it out for sure!

@jfeldmanart on Instagram. Some of the most adorable prints I have seen lately and so many to choose from!

@grapesodaco on Instagram. Everything they create is truly one of a kind and amazing quality. Also.. FIGMENT EARRINGS?! COME ON?!?!?

@waltsvintagewardrobe on Instagram. Vintage Disney finds all day long, SO GOOD.

@kimchikreative on Instagram. So many creative pop culture items! I love the Harry Potter inspired collection.

@studio.mariko on Instagram. Handmade ceramic pieces that bring you a little bit of Disney magic to your kitchen!

@littlelemonleaf on Instagram. Some of my favorite earrings that I wear right now!

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