Valentine’s Week Celebration

It’s the season of love, my friends and I am here to spread that love to all corners of the world (Walt Disney World). SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!

But really, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I have put together some fun things you can enjoy during this magical week with your partner in life! For some this day is a dreaded one, but remember, every day is a day to share your love. Whether it be to a loved one, a family member, a neighbor, or a passing stranger, Valentine’s Day is just a day to show even more kindness and compassion to your fellow humans. So never think of it as a “couples day”, but rather as a day to showcase your love for the world!

Within this post, I have put together a little outfit inspiration, some fun things you can do in the most romantic park in my opinion, Magic Kingdom, and a couple of fun things to snack on along the way! Let’s dive in together!

As most of you know, I like to keep it casual-cute within my park-wear. I think that if you’re going to be trekking any theme park in the Florida heat, you need to be comfortable! With that being said, there is never a point where you have to sacrifice cuteness for comfort, you can easily have both! My thought process for this holiday outfit was to include bits and pieces of Valentine’s Day without being too overwhelming and covered completely in hearts. I wanted it to be subtle and sweet, which is something I hopefully achieved!

Let’s start from the top, AKA an always must-have accessory, Minnie ears! I think if I could wear Minnie ears every day, I would. They completely pull together an outfit and they are just adorable, there is no other way to explain it than just that! The ears featured here are the Sakura Blossom ears from Tokyo Disney and are truly my most favorite pair of ears I own. I love the deep pink color and think they are just so dreamy. I picked these ears, because I felt they gave that little pop of pink I wanted without being too much against the outfit.

Stripes make me happy especially when they come in a button down that is super versatile and on one of my most favorite pieces of clothing I own right now! Going along with the pink theme, I picked this top from Target because it was extra comfortable, soft, and I loved the mixing of the blue and pink hues together. I decided to tie up the top which I thought accentuated my waist and was a little more feminine of a way to wear this type of blouse. I was lucky enough to grab the last pair of these whimsical heart earrings they had in the store, which became an excellent accessory. I thought these earrings really complimented the ears and pulled together the entire outfit, pretty much the cherry on top! Add my Shellie May backpack from Tokyo Disney, my favorite pair of jeans and some yellow Vans and you’ve got an outfit that will make you feel beautiful and confident!

Another Tokyo Disney find, this Shellie Mae backpack is the perfect size for the parks!
I may or may not have accidentally Disney-Bounded as the Confectionary with this outfit and I am not mad about it!

Magic Kingdom is my favorite place to visit during this magical week and Walt Disney World usually adds a little bit of limited time magic to this week of love for us all! Running all week from February 11th-17th, these special events really make guests feel the love!

  • The Blushing Castle: At dusk, pink, red, lavender and blue hues cover Cinderella Castle synced to musical melodies adding to the lovely ambiance.
  • Valentine’s-themed Merchandise: Limited-edition pins, plushes, and newly-designed apparel available at select merchandise locations.
  • Romantic Decor: You can feel the romance at every turn, as banners proclaiming True Love, heart-shaped signage and sweetheart-themed décor adorn Magic Kingdom.
  • Royal Gathering: The rare opportunity to get a photo with Disney Princes as they escort their Princesses to character greeting locations.

With this extra bit of pixie dust added to the parks, the romantic atmosphere in the Kingdom is easily heightened. Some of my personal favorites are riding the attractions and walking around Magic Kingdom, hand in hand, taking in every little detail. It’s fun to snuggle up on Pirates of the Caribbean, get cozy in your Doom Buggy in the Haunted Mansion, and go HANDS UP on your space adventure in Space Mountain!

During the day, I always make it a point to stop by to see Rapunzel’s Tower. This area is incredibly beautiful, especially due to the Eastern Redbud tree that is blooming during this time of the year! As day turns to dusk, this area is still just as beautiful. There is a popular picaresque PhotoPass spot during the night-time where you can take a photo with one of the lanterns from the film. This is definitely a great way to save that memory of a fun-filled day at Magic Kingdom.

LET’S TALK FOOD. There are always a ton of options at the parks, whether that be a quick snack from the Confectionary, a box of chocolates to share, an intimate dinner for two, or a gigantic, messy burger and fries all for yourself! Different and unique bites are on the up and up at the Magic Kingdom, especially with the celebration of Mickey and Minnie’s 90th birthday!

My new found favorite is definitely the Mickey Cheeseburger. It’s an angus burger with macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, and spicy cheese dust on a Mickey Mouse bun which you can find over at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Quite messy, but extra delicious, this is for those of us who are completely okay with getting cheese sauce all over ourselves. Personally, I was pleased with myself that I didn’t completely ruin my top with this meal, but I may have definitely allowed a macaroni piece… or two.. to fall right down the front of me. A great shareable bite to eat, the Galaxy Loaded Fries, topped with bacon, pico relish, garlic ranch sauce, cheese sauce and flaming hot cheese dust can be found at the same restaurant. This is a great way to share with your sweet, without getting too full and definitely an affordable option for those of us on a budget.

Walt Disney World is offering dinners for two at multiple locations with candlelit dinners with prix fixe menus to celebrate love during this week!

I have a raging sweet tooth, so chocolates, cake pops, slushes, cupcakes and more are always a great way to snack with the ones you love throughout the parks! For Valentine’s Day there are special chocolate packages that showcase my two favorite lovebirds, Mickey and Minnie. This box includes different types of chocolate including truffles and a solid chocolate card.

I love cake pops and when they’re mickey-shaped I like to think they taste even better! Easily shared and tasty, this is a great way to get your sugar fix without breaking the bank. Add a Lefou’s Brew to the equation and you’ve got your perfect mix!

There can easily be a lot of expectations that can come out of Valentine’s Day. Remember that this a day of love to be shared with everyone. It’s not about what you do, who you spend it with, and how much money you spend. It’s about spreading your love to all corners of the earth. We are all human and we all deserve love. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Valentine’s Day and year going forward. Never stop dreaming and achieving your aspirations!

A huge thank you to my friend, Josh @originalintentphoto for helping me with the photos for this post! I could not have done it without him!

Stay dreamy,

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