Five Ways to Channel the OG Disney Princess

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to pay our due respects to Disney’s original Princess, Snow White. With the help of a sweet friend, Aliya Burshan, we decided to put together five different ways to channel one of our favorite princesses! From the classic color schemes to the fairest accessories, and maybe even an apple or two to snack on, this is definitely one of my most favorite blog posts to date! I was so happy to be able to collaborate with someone who loves our girl, Snow White as much as I do. So grab an apple (non-poisonous preferably), your seven best dwarves, and a cozy corner in your cottage because here comes a couple of inspired outfits your way!


Let’s get lost in the Dark Forest with the dreamiest white tee and overalls combo. Aliya put together a woodsy-inspired look to recreate the moments of Snow White getting lost in the dark woods and meeting some friendly woodland creatures (I always loved this part in the movie). The embroidered floral design on the front of the overalls pairs perfectly with the subtle roses on the white tee. This outfit calls for the best mix of cute and comfortable which is especially great during our summer months here in Florida, no sweat lines here! Paired with the Dopey cross body bag from Danielle Nicole Handbags, this outfit is fitting for a day out spent with great friends.


If you didn’t know, in the original story of Snow White, she drinks a lot of coffee… or that may just be me. I call this look “Snow White Gets Her Coffee Fix”. I went for a modern day Snow White vibe by color blocking according to my favorite accessories and staying true to myself with high-waisted jeans, a blue and white striped ruffled tee and a red beret. I put this outfit together completely with the idea of color-blocking towards Snow Whites iconic dress aka my cross body bag. Another Danielle Nicole staple, this purse really pulls the outfit together! And of course, you can’t forget about the Toms x Disney Princess Collection that debuted a couple of months ago. The entire collection showcases multiple princesses, but I especially enjoy the Snow White selection. Toms was kind enough to reach out and send over this pair and I truly cannot live without them!


The sleeves, the hair, even the seven dwarves literally right behind her, Aliya is rocking the Snow White look! One of my favorite things about this outfit she put together is this Loungefly backpack that showcases all of our favorite dwarves. I love a good accessory and this is definitely one of them I may need for myself! This type of backpack is great for the parks because its the perfect size, has quite a bit of storage space, and of course is absolutely adorable (the most important part, am I right?!)


Fairest of them all? Probably.

This is my most favorite outfit I put together for this series and it all stems from this plaid blazer! Comfortable and super versatile, it is perfect for all seasons and can easily swap from business to casual. Although it was a little daunting at first, I loved mixing these two bright colors together easily pulling inspiration from Snow White’s dress, mingle in the blue hues of my denim jeans and the most charming “Fairest of them all” cross body bag and I feel like I can take on the whole world! Or maybe just an Evil Queen and her Huntsman.


R O Y A L T Y — As the OG Disney Princess, Snow White is seriously royal. She was still able to remain the fairest of them all even after becoming a scullery maid, running through a dark forest and meeting seven men who had never seen a bath before! A true queen if I do say so myself, and Aliya is serving the same amount of killer looks here! From the heart sunglasses to the sweetest floral skirt, add a dash of denim and you have yourself the hippest princess of them all! I love the way this outfit looks together because it still is an inspired Snow White look, but can really be a nod to all of the magic that the Disney Princesses have brought to us all throughout our lives! Who didn’t want to be a princess when they were growing up? Men and women alike, we loved and cherished these characters, they are important to us and to the children that are being inspired by them now.

Thank you for following along on this journey down the wishing well to celebrate Snow White. From the beginning, she has made an impact on us all, beginning a legacy of princesses we never knew we needed, but knowing we could never live without. We look to these characters as a source of inspiration, encouragement and the drive to really make those dreams come true!

Keep dreaming, 


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