Happy New Year

2019 is finally here my friends! I can sense a definite shift in the winds, my path is changing and just like Grandmother Willow once said, “Sometimes, the right path is not the easiest one”. This year will be a year full of developments. I intend on paving my own road and getting to where I really want to go in life. No more excuses, no more procrastination. I intend on working harder, really setting those goals, achieving them, and not letting anything get in my way.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit some magical moments of 2018. There were definitely some outstanding experiences this past year that I will never forget! We FINALLY were able to take a trip to California and visit Disneyland AKA the motherland of magic, and my new personal favorite out of all of the Disney Parks (although, I haven’t visited Tokyo Disney yet and that may take the cake once I do!). Daniel and I barely make enough to live like normal adults, so traveling was very far down the list when 2018 began. I really believed for a long time we would never actually get to California. We saved enough money to finally take the plunge and buy (surprisingly affordable) plane tickets and take steps to really planning out our trip. I’d love to send a huge thank you to the wonderful folks at the Hilton Garden Inn in Anaheim/Garden Grove who hosted 3 days of our stay. We would not have been able to afford the trip we had taken without them and I will never forget the generosity and kindness that they showed us. To be able to have that kind of experience was something I will never forget or take for granted. It made our trip just that more special!

I had the exciting opportunity to work alongside the admirable creative team of Disney Eats to create a video showcasing the 2018 Epcot Food and Wine Festival and all of the excellent cuisine the festival had to offer! Getting the chance to work alongside this team was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am still shocked that it even happened. This was a huge step professionally for me and the way I feel about it is indescribable. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to encompass all of the magic that I was able to witness. If you have not seen the video yet, click here to view!

2018 was a year of change. A change in jobs for both Daniel and I, friends came and went, there were highs and lows, tears of both joy and sadness, but we got through it all together. I would not be where I am today without Daniel and I am so thankful that I have someone like him to be my adventure buddy. He always has my back and is always there when I need advice, a helping hand, and is always willing to offer me the last Coffee Nut M&M (even though he really wanted that last piece).

New York was another major travel opportunity we had during 2018 and was our most recent travel experience. We couldn’t pass up the good fortune of finding easy, cheap flights and being able to stay with the sweetest friends, Sarah and Josh, was the icing on the cake. They were able to make our quick trip to New York something we will never forget! From roaming through the streets of the city, finding every tourist trap possible and breezily figuring our way through the subway platforms, I loved every second of the hustle and bustle. Chelsea Market, the Mickey True Original Exhibition, and Little Italy were some of my favorites to name a few of the places we visited while we were there. After New York, we spent time in New England finding the most charming places (said in Sarah’s verbiage of course). New England was extra special, not only because everywhere you looked beautiful and quaint, we also got our very first taste of snow fall! This Florida girl has never been happier than when she is in cold weather and add snow into the mix! I almost never came back home! I had never seen anything so peaceful and beautiful in my lifetime. It was just the right amount of snow that fell that day and Daniel and I had the greatest time flinging the sparkly, white powder at each other!

2018 was jam-packed with extra special moments and created lasting memories for both Daniel and I. I am so happy to be alive, well, and on the path to figuring out what I really want to do in this life! My thank-you’s are endless for every sensational moment had this year and I cannot wait to see what kind of enchantment is in store for us this year! Just like indoor plumbing, 2019 is gonna be big, are you ready?

Thank you for following along this past year, I will be indebted to your kindness and support for a lifetime. As always, keep dreaming and let’s do this thing!

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