I am Allyson a.k.a MagicandWishes!

My ambition is to motivate others to be their most genuine selves through positive and entertaining content. Let’s find the magic in life together!

Let’s Partner Together…

To have the opportunity to partner alongside some of my favorite brands and companies is something that I will never take for granted! Professionalism, punctuality and high quality content are the most important when collaborating and I guarantee to bring those ideals when collaborating on a project.

Finding the magic…

Besides making magical memories at some of my most favorite theme parks, exploring Florida is one of my most favorite pastimes! I love adventuring through my beautiful state, seeing new sights, drinking way too much coffee, and sharing my experiences along the way!

Sprinkling a little bit of magic into my everyday life is what truly makes me happy! Whether that be through adding a bit of flair into my everyday style, finding inspiration through some of my favorite movies, singing along to my favorite tunes in the car, or tapping into my theatrical side and playing hilarious parts with my closest companions!

Life Through A Lens…

Videography has been one of my most favorite types of creative content to produce through my journey on social media! Over the years, my knowledge has grown immensely, but I am nowhere near perfect. I enjoy expanding my practices, learning new techniques, and using different types of equipment to capture exactly what I am yearning to create! I have a long way to go and I am so excited to be documenting my process through social media outlets like Youtube and Instagram!

Disney Movie Challenge: Ultimate List

Disney movie lovers, UNITE! Daniel and I have been working our way through the Disney films by release date starting from the early cartoons all the way to the latest movies on Disney+…. read more.

Disney Villains After Hours

Finding your inner villain has never been more fun at Disney’s Villains After Hours event at Magic Kingdom! This is a special nighttime experience where you can tap into your most evil side and celebrate with the baddest of the bad… read more.

Exploring Florida

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is located in Miami, Florida and is designated as a National Historic Landmark by the United States Government, due to its cultural and architectural importance to the area. In 1910, this subtropical paradise was built to be the winter home of James Deering, a successful agriculturist and retired millionaire… read more.

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