Waste Not, Want Not

An odd title, I know, but I think this is something that really needs to be addressed. There are so many people that buy and buy different products and end up using whatever they got maybe once or twice and then it gets shoved into the back of the closet or into a bag headed to Goodwill. Thankfully we do have organizations like Goodwill, the Salvation Army and the Kidney Foundation that we can donate to, however, unfortunately many of our products, clothes, and so much more end up in landfills. I did a little research on how much cloth the average American throws away and it averages at 82 pounds per year, THAT IS 11 MILLION TONS JUST FROM THE U.S.A EVERY YEAR!!! (I’ve put the link to the article at the end of the post). I try my best to use the clothes I have in my closet as much as possible, but even I have fallen into this just as much as everyone else has. It is really important that we all work together to take care of our beautiful home.

SO, with this all being said I have composed a fun, little post for you all showing the many ways you can reuse and wear a product multiple times and added a couple of fun ways you can reduce your waste along the way! So, here we go!

Style #1 starts with this adorable scarf. It is called “Mickey’s 80’s Flashback” and is $21.99 (before any discounts) and can be found on ShopDisney! I loved the bright pop of color it could bring to any outfit and it can be an all seasons scarf! It is lightweight, long enough to wrap around multiple times and obviously can be used in a million different ways, hence the blogpost! The first way I styled this scarf was as a hair accessory. I pulled my hair back into a low ponytaiL, wrapped the scarf around my head and brought the two ends to the back and tied them together. Make sure to tie it tightly enough so the scarf doesn’t slip off of your head, take out your ponytail and you are DONE! Bring the extra, flowing pieces to the front and you have a super tubular hair piece to play with!


Reduce Your Waste: Purchase items made from recycled products. This is definitely a more conscious choice, where you need to take more time looking at the product you’re buying, but definitely worth it in the end! This helps reduce the size of landfills and gets you living a little bit more green!

Linked a similar tank here (and it has cacti on it which is too cute!)

Style #2 is a classic look, the tied belt. I am huge fan of the cinched waist, I love seeing the different ways women show off their body types. For me, I am not a curvy girl. My body is pretty straight all the way down with a little junk in the trunk and a little too much junk in the front, but I find ways to wear my clothes that give me a little of the curve that I want! The cinched belt helps me do that and I love how the scarf was long enough so it could tie and hang, showing off those fun colors and giving the perfect amount of Mickey Style that I wanted! Of course, I had to pair the Rose Gold sequin ears with this outfit, the little pops of pink in the scarf matched the ears perfectly!


Reduce Your Waste: We have already talked about this, but donate your clothing or hold a garage sale. Either of these tasks may take some time, but the way you feel after saving the environment is worth it in the end! Remember, one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure!

Style #3 is another hair accessory and perfect for those who love to rock the updo! I normally wear my hair down and put a couple of curls in and I’m done. One of my goals for this year is to start trying new hair styles and learning how to braid my hair different ways, so maybe I can add this fun scarf into another hairstyle! As for this updo + scarf accessory, I wrapped the scarf multiple times around the base of the ponytail and then left room for a little bow on top. Even if things may have not gone my way at first, (the bow being a little tricky without a mirror), I got it exactly how I wanted it and loved the look!


Reduce Your Waste: A pretty well known one, RECYCLE! There are so many items that are all able to be recycled, but end up in the landfill. Remember, glass bottles, soda cans, paper, metal and plastic cups are all recyclable!


Off to style #4 and definitely a classic look. Lately I have been into using bandanas tied around my neck as a fun pop of color and accessory rather than a normal necklace or chunky scarf. I decided to do the same with this and I loved the outcome! Because the scarf is definitely longer than a normal bandana, I played around with how I could wear it around my neck. So, to style this scarf I decided to double up and have the scarf looped twice, so one end had the loop and the other end had the two ends of the scarf. I then placed it around my neck and tied a small knot in the front, which gave it a great length where it wasn’t too long, but just right for my outfit!


Reduce Your Waste: Buy rechargeable batteries! Make the switch over to batteries that can be recharged rather than throw away ones that can leak chemicals which are very harmful to the environment! This practice ends up saving you money in the long run and keeps the environment happy and healthy!

Finally, style #5 is the simplest and definitely one of my favorites! This one was a little bit trickier to manage, but thankfully I had a helping hand (@hazel_and_bean) to make sure I was looking my best! Headbands will never go out of style thanks to the our Queen Blair Waldorf and I definitely felt like she would approve. To achieve this look, your hair has to be out of the way, so pull it up into a ponytail! Place the scarf as if it was a headband and wrap around twice to reduce the length, then make a small tie behind your head and bring up the remaining ends up to create a bow! The bow again, kinda tricky, but once you have it the way you want it, the entire look is complete. I loved the fun accents it gave to my outfit, definitely more subtle than the others, but still super fun!


Reduce Your Waste: Forget plastic bottles! There are so many adorable reusable water bottles out there, go get one! This is another money saver and you won’t contribute to the millions of water bottles that end up in our beautiful oceans! (Also, if you’re trying to drink more water daily, I ALWAYS end up drinking more when I bring my reusable water bottle with me, so it might just work for you too!)

Thank you all so much for reading, I loved finding different ways I can show off this adorable Mickey scarf and I am so happy to be able to tie it in with a message to reduce waste! It is definitely an important subject for me and I hope this has inspired you to think a little bit more onto what you can do to help the environment! Thank you again and have an amazing day!

Stay dreamy,


Link to conservation article: here!

6 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. Love the ways you styled this super cute scarf! And love that you are talking about ways to reduce waste! I made the conscious decision a few years ago to make it something I pay attention to. And I’ve convinced my family and fiance to do the same! 😄♻️🌎

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  2. Also I meant to write that the comment was from Micky @MickyinWonderland on Insta but it made me login from my shop site and now it doesn’t say my name 😂💖

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  3. Hi Allyson,

    Thank you so much for creating a post like this! I feel like almost all of the blogs and Instagram accounts I follow never repeat a single piece, and I cannot understand how they do it! Aesthetically it looks great but I can’t imagine how EXPENSIVE it must be, not to mention how draining it is from an environmental standpoint! As I was beginning to do lifestyle blogging, I often wondered how I could compete since I prefer to remix my existing pieces rather than just buying new ones. I’ve always been a minimalist at heart, and I’m just now learning to embrace that on my blog. I’m actually literally about to launch a new blog series about a minimalist wardrobe (although mine is Indo-Western but some of the same principles apply I think!) like…tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday. It’s based on Nina Garcia’s book The One Hundred and I’d love to get your feedback! Like I said, the posts will be starting soon, but I compiled all my related posts here: http://vermillionrhapsody.com/indo-western-wardrobe/ if you’re interested! I look forward to seeing more posts like this from you for inspiration! Thanks again for sharing!

    Allison Verma

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    1. That is so cool!! I love finding new ways I can reuse an outfit and I’m sure seeing something from yours will be inspirational for me! I’m so happy you liked the post and I can’t wait to check out yours!💖


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